People are amazing! You can see the cool things they come up with literally everywhere! Every display of class, talent, character or kindness is always welcome! We can never get enough of those things, and you probably feel the same way! Doing what you want and being proud of it is the right attitude in every situation, as long as nobody is offended or hurt, of course. You should do your own thing and keep thriving! Maybe the list below will serve as an inspiration. Enjoy it!

1. Here is Jackie Chan with a huge smile on his face

Image Source: Imgur

There is a really good reason for that smile, too! Check out that cool portrait someone made! The resemblance is uncanny and this is one really cool and valuable piece of artwork. However, there is more to it than meets the eye! The portrait is not painted! The whole image was actually created using approximately 33,000 buttons! The insane amount of planning and work invested in this piece make it one of a kind! The artist who created it must be really proud, because he did what he wanted and it is an amazing achievement.

2. Romance is a state of mind

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that romance is slowly fading away as people’s lives get more and more busy. It is really sad and we wish things were the other way around. This is why this photo really made us smile from ear to ear, because it proves that romance is not dead yet! It doesn’t take a special setting or a location to show your romantic side! This couple proves that any place is suitable, because what really matters is the mood and the love!

3. Some restaurants are really special

Image Source: Reddit

If you go out to eat, you probably have a specific idea in mind. Some people go to a certain place just for the quality food while others prefer to visit locations with a truly unique atmosphere. As you can see, this restaurant offers services like no other place! We guess that the creative way of serving the food got a bit out of hand. After all, serving tortillas in a sink is not the typical way of doing it! It looks crazy but they are still offering it and it obviously attracts customers.

4. Some people are all about the brand

Image Source: Reddit

We all have different interests and hobbies. This is actually a good thing, because it would be boring if everyone liked the same things. Of course, no matter what your field of interest is, you would definitely have a favorite name or a brand. It may be a car manufacturer or a sports club, but chances are that you have at least one personal favorite. As you can see, this person has some pretty obvious preferences which are on display for everyone to see.

5. The best way to save money is to utilize all resources you have

Image Source: Reddit

This photo shows one very curious example of how to use the maximum of whatever we have on our disposal. This is a good thing to do, because the effective way of utilizing everything you have to work with can save you time and money. When this coffee shop moved into a place that used to be a KFC location, they even kept the old sign with the huge bucket on a pillar, but turned it into a coffee cup, which is brilliant!

6. Here is how dedication looks like

Image Source: Reddit

The key to learning is not the material they teach you, nor it is the time spent at school. The most important things are the students’ desire to learn and the teacher’s dedication. As you can clearly see, this teacher is really into the lesson about how waves are formed! It looks like it was a lot of fun! We are that such lessons are never forgotten! It may appear to be ridiculous, but we are sure that this approach would always be effective! Just see the facial expression of one of the students. It says it all!

7. This is one really special tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a tattoo can have a really long and painful backstory. This is why creating that tattoo means that the story ends right there. It is more than a picture painted with ink. It is a symbol of perseverance and strength! People who go through tough times often get a tattoo to mark the end of it all and to celebrate their victory! This person obviously underwent a serious treatment involving surgery, and the scar was decorated in the best possible way! We really love how this person showed that a strong spirit and some sense of humor can overcome it all.

8. Here is one really weird Tinder profile

Image Source: Reddit

If you use Tinder, you can probably confirm that there are a lot of weird things going on in this app. The weird profiles on Tinder are so many that we would never be able to check them all out. However, the one you see here is more than enough. This woman’s Tinder profile is full of photos showing love. The strange part is that it is other people’s love! She seems really happy to photobomb other couples’ photos! We guess that it is a really funny approach and we like it.

9. This is one serious statement

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that actions speak louder than words, but in some cases the choice of words can really create a powerful statement. This person tried to be funny and we think that his attempt is a total success! The self-irony and the magnificent sense of humor are obvious! The funny caption of this photo is equally sad and hilarious, but it shows character, which is among the most important things to have. Maybe there are good times coming up for this person in more ways than he could imagine.

10. Here is one type of bread that requires serious skills

Image Source: Reddit

There are pumpkin loaves and then there’s this! It looks so delicious that we immediately got strong cravings for bread! It also looks exactly like a pumpkin and we love this kind of craft. The cinnamon stick in the middle is also a neat touch. We guess that the bread is sweet and we would definitely like to take a bite. Since the beginning of October everything pumpkin-related automatically becomes our favorite, and this tasty-looking bread is no exception!

11. There is nothing like the love your family has for you

Image Source: Reddit

It is no secret that grandparents give anything to spend some time with their kids. Unfortunately, teenagers are always busy and they rarely stop by their grandparents’ house to see them. This girl probably realized that she was doing the same, so she decided that she would send a photo, at least. This is what she did. After her grandma received the text, she went a little further and printed the selfie! Eventually she even framed it, and we guess that it looks stunning, especially with that filter on! The granny was probably happy with the photo but her granddaughter should probably visit her more frequently.

12. Here is a savage way to give someone $10

Image Source: Reddit

It is always a burden to owe someone money. It doesn’t matter if you own five bucks or ten thousand. The debt is still a debt and as soon as you are able to clear it, you will immediately feel better about yourself! Of course, lending someone money feels pretty much the same way. If the person you gave the loan to, chances are that you would start wondering if you will ever get your money back. However, we don’t think that’s the case here. This money ball was probably made by someone who paid their debt to a creditor who wanted it really bad and it served as sweet revenge! We guess that it is a savage but an effective idea for a prank. It looks like it would take some time to be made, but it would be worth it for sure.

13. We guess that you could buy literally everything from an online exchange market

Image Source: Twitter

There are thousands of websites which serve as market places. Chances are that you have probably used at least one of them. Most of these places are marketed in really bold ways and some of them say that you are to find absolutely everything there. After we saw this photo, we definitely agree! Of all the weird things that you could find for sale, someone found this one! The seller sells his hands, and they are pretty cheap, too, only $30 a piece! It sounds really crazy and we guess that it is nothing more than a joke! Even so, it would be curious to know how the buyer would take delivery of the items. We guess that the previous owner is included in the kit, so the deal even has free options except the hands!