The world is changing at a fast pace and you need to be up to date if you don’t want to be left behind. Needless to say, society always has its ways to adapt to the new things that come along. People get used to new stuff and they even forget that they have things today that never occurred to them 20 years ago. This is what the list below is about. It shows the kind of problems we all have today but that were also non-existent a couple of decades ago.

1. The boredom

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Here is something most of us do. Decades ago, almost nobody had the privilege to browse the Internet all day long but we do it all the time today. Even worse, we get bored and we switch to our phones as if they were connected to a different network.

2. The subtitles

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This is something we believe many people do, and we need to admit we are part of that group. A couple of decades ago, there were no such services similar to Netflix and we had to wait for a good show on TV to grab a snack and see it.

3. The characters

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This is why we never do this. Trying to search for details about a character in a TV series is bound to result in a spoiler alert and your experience would likely be ruined. Back then, we had no Google to do it.

4. The phone

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This is yet another habit we have today but we used no have a couple of decades ago. It appears that we never had to set an alarm on a phone and it seems this is a bit more stressful now.

5. The autocorrect

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It seems that people in the 80s would love to have a device that offered different means of communication and an option to autocorrect your texts. We have that today but it causes trouble sometimes.

6. The meal

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We never used to wait to start digging in our meal before but we do it all the time today. The reason is obvious – we are now used to enjoying our meals while also enjoying our favorite show.

7. The packages

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The conveniences we are used to today are huge compared to the dawn of the century. We used to wait for a couple of weeks before but now our orders arrive much faster. However, we anticipate the order a lot more today.

8. The ad

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This is surely one of the most annoying things we need to put up with today. There is no telling how many times we have done that but we had no such worries 20 years ago.

9. The account

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We need to admit that we have all done this at one point. When the Instagram account of someone is private, you only have one tiny image of them to see.

10. The playlist

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There are more than a few things all of us have in common and we believe this is one of those things. As you can see, this funny image perfectly describes the habit.

11. The heartbreak

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When people talk about heartbreak, they mean the actual thing, at least 20 years ago. Today, we can experience this when a set of earphones is broken.

12. The apps

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People use the apps all the time today but there were no such things back in the day. When we close the music app, it feels like a burden to turn it back on again.

13. The brightness 

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People had no such issues 20 years ago because we had no reason to check on our phones in the middle of the night. Today, we do it all the time and this happens sometimes.

14. The other heartbreak

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Here is yet another reason why today’s conveniences can cause stress. We all use our phones all the time but they need to be charged if we want to enjoy them all day long.

15. The Wi-Fi

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This is the kind of trouble that we all know how it feels. Instead of relying on the Wi-Fi network at home, we often use our mobile data which can be costly.

16. The video

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Here is a situation that most of us have been forced to put up with. Saying to someone the video was stupid would offend them. Nobody had such an issue two decades ago.

17. The Instagram

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It appears that there are more than a few people who are on Instagram simply because they want to look at things and not like them. Trying to be careful not to like a picture is hard.

18. The pictures

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Now, this is one relatable thing that most of us do. We take pictures and we save images all the time until our phones are completely clogged but we continue to do it. Nobody had such problems before we had smartphones.

19. The time

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This is a weird thing to do but most of us still do it. Our phones have clocks and we pull them out often to check the time. This is when we see a notification or other thing that distracts us.

20. The shopping

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This is yet another thing we can all relate to. The worst part about it is having to get up from the sofa and get your credit card. In moments like this one we feel like it would be easier to just go and buy the goods from a physical store.