The Deadliest Natural Disasters in History

With COVID-19 almost a part of collective history now that most of the world has access to their vaccines, it’s almost weird to imagine how life was for the last year and a half. But now that the epidemic is practically done and dealt with, we can look back to some other tragedies of the […]

Top 8 Weirdest Dinosaurs That Ever Roamed Our Planet

From time to time, paleontologists discover dinosaurs so strange that some of them seem like a bad joke. Evolution has really tried different development paths, and giant lizards turned out to be a dead-end branch. But that’s fine because today, professional paleontologists can dig them up and make educated guesses about feathers, scales, and all […]

9 Things on Earth You Can See From Space

If you have heard that you can see the Great Wall of China from space, I hate to break it to you, but that’s a big fat lie. However, there are many other amazing things that you’d be able to see from space. Just look at these images from satellites and the International Space Station […]

Top 8 Most Well-Guarded People in the World

Trained bodyguards, armored cars, and in some cases even snipers on the roofs: the powers that be are scared for their own safety and are ready to pay a lot of money to live another day.From world leaders to successful billionaires, these are the most well-guarded people in the world.1. Alassane Outtara (Cote d’Ivoire)The President […]

Top 9 Deepest Places on Planet Earth

There are about 60,000 meters of rocky crust and hot magma separating the Earth’s surface from its molten core. But how deep can a human really go? It turns out we know more about the nearby stars than we do about our or own oceanic trenches. Here are 9 of the deepest places on planet […]

Food and Pleasure: The Science Of Yumm

As humans, we all crave the finer things in life. That’s just how we’re set up. There’s a little hedonist inside all of us. And that encompasses all things really – the need to be loved and cared for, the desire for physical touch, the common want for more money and fancier things in life, […]

7 Tips to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

When it comes to the act of dating, there’s a couple of moments that will leave anyone sweaty and nervous. Some of these big moments could be the first date or the first time meeting her friends, but nothing will shatter your resolve as much as the first time you have to meet her parents. […]

10 Crazy-Looking Beauty Products From Asia That Actually Work

Asian women are incredibly careful and meticulous when it comes to preserving their youthful appearance. Unlike most of us, they use special tools and cosmetic items to make their skin look younger, remove wrinkles, and all that good stuff. And judging from the 5-star reviews, these crazy contraptions must really be amazing at what they […]